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It's Manhattan's underbelly and it's pretty exciting. Iris Johansen's books have sold 20 million copies, and little wonder, for her plots crackle with intensity, her characters aren't skin deep. Peri O'Shaughnessey is the pen name of two sisters, Pamela and Mary, who have successfully written several acclaimed novels. Last year, they published a collection of their short stories to critical accolades. It's not exactly a whodunit, but in some ways it is.

Who dun it? The white settlers, the politicians, the Sioux? Koblas turns in an evenhanded account of the misunderstandings that fueled the famous uprising. News Cozy up with a mystery this winter Here's a gaggle of mysteries set in spots around the world to make a Midwestern February bearable. Guys like Nick Charles are gone, replaced by detective Government and Politics Sep 25th - 8pm.

Home Repair is Homicide

News Sep 25th - 4pm. Publication Bantam , Mass Market Paperback, pages.

Sarah Graves - Book Series In Order

Description Spring has sprung in Eastport, Maine, and in Jacobia Jake Tiptree's Federal style fixer-upper, that means a housecleaning so thorough even the skeletons in the closet get polished! Cozies are, well, cozy. An ordinary person, just like you and me, finds crime in her community, sometimes right at her door.

Unlike you and me, she just has to solve it, every time, even when she knows from experience how likely things are to go wrong in such an equation. What I love about cozies, besides the just like you and me part, is the gimmicky aspect of the genre. This one is a caterer, that one is a librarian. Oh, there's a rich gal who solves crime with the help of a ghost.

Fiction by Linda Nagata

Some knit, some bake cookies, some are young and callow and some have age and experience. Jacobia--Jake--Tiptree fixes things. More specifically, she continuously fixes the aged house in Maine to which she repaired when she divorced her husband who has since died, and may be haunting said house and left her job as a money launderer for the mob. Surprisingly, crime just seems to find Jake, no matter where she is. In Trap Door , the tenth Home Repair is Homicide mystery, Jake and her sidekick Ellie are trying to find the connection between the apparent suicide by hanging of a young local man, the former mob hitman whose barn he was found in, and the appearance in Eastport of Jake's former mentor, the amoral Jemmy.

DONT Activate the Wrong Trap Door Lever ($$$ MYSTERY ITEM CHALLENGE)

And, not only does the house need a new roof, but the roofbeams turn out to be infested with carpenter ants. What's a girl to do but throw up her hands, roll up her sleeves, and get to sleuthing? This is an adequate, middle-of-the-road series made more appealing by three things. First, there are the helpful home repair hints that appear at the beginning of each chapter.

Second, the ongoing litany of the repairs themselves, which are terrifying and hilarious in their own right.

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And finally, there is the mysterious book. It popped up in a previous installment of the series and was sent off to some rare book experts for analysis a very old book , it had been found squirreled away in the house and contained the names of all the owners of the house One hopes this means the book will be taking center stage in a subsequent volume of this series. LibraryThing member tjsjohanna.

Publication Order of Home Repair Is Homicide Mysteries Books

One thing that makes this series work is that there is enough of a back story to Jacobia's life that the mysteries are varied. I found the tone of this novel a bit low - but considering the overall story arc of Jake's life, it sort of makes sense. Things are not in such a great place with Sam, there is some mourning going on, and in general Jake's past catches up to her in some disheartening ways.

Still, Jake figures things out or has them revealed to her, as the case may be - nice twist on the "revelatory scenes" of many cozy mysteries and there is hope for the future. Also, some interesting hints at that mysterious book from the last installment. Also, a passing reference to a new bookstore in town, "Mainly Murder", which is what this series was originally called. LibraryThing member jrak. An amusing early book in the series, but not as good as The Book of Old Houses. I also don't think that it would only take one day to drive from Saint John back to Maine! LibraryThing member krystalsbooks.

LibraryThing member JalenV. In Trap Door there really is a trap door that is part of the mystery of a teen's death. It looks as if it's suicide, but Jacobia Tiptree is sure it was murdered. After all, Jake and Ellie found the body at the home of a retired hitman who didn't care for the way the lad was interested in his pretty and spoiled rotten daughter.

Early on we are treated to the methods said hitman has used to make his large and well-furnished house very difficult to break in or attack. Have to admit I hadn't thought about that particular property of gravel. Sam is boozing again and it's breaking his mother's heart even as she's losing patience with him.

The ghost of her ex-husband, Sam's father, makes several appearances. Victor says something he was not known to say when he was alive. A subplot that becomes the main plot of The Book of Old Houses winds through this book.

Because I'm an old fan of H. Lovecraft's tales of horror, I'm quite pleased that the gentlemen attended Miskatonic University, and one of them now teaches there. We learn something about Eastport's town nutcase that he's been keeping under his tinfoil hat. Jake learns something about her old mentor that Ellie had already figured out.

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Jake suffers another injury that's hardly minor. If Ms. Graves doesn't ease up on hurting her heroine, well, in real life I'd be worried about what shape Jake would be in by old age. The audio version is easy to listen to.