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Sign up to take part. A Nature Research Journal. BOHR 1 has discussed the process of nuclear fission in uranium and thorium under neutron bombardment on the assumption that a neutron is first captured by the nucleus and that later the energy of excitation of the compound nucleus is concentrated in motion of some special type which leads to deformation and ultimately to division of the system. I have recently obtained evidence of an asymmetry in the spatial distribution of the fission fragments, in the case of uranium bombarded by fast neutrons, from which a limiting time very much smaller than this may be deduced.

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Subscribe Search My Account Login. The nuclei of other heavy elements, such as thorium and protactinium , also were shown to be fissionable with fast neutrons; and other particles, such as fast protons, deuterons, and alphas, along with gamma rays, proved to be effective in inducing the reaction. Fermi and his coworkers recognized the enormous potential of such a reaction if it could be controlled.

On Dec. Once the war had ended, efforts were made to develop new reactor types for large-scale power generation, giving birth to the nuclear power industry. Nuclear fission.

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Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Introduction History of fission research and technology Fundamentals of the fission process Structure and stability of nuclear matter Induced fission Spontaneous fission The stages of fission The phenomenology of fission Fission fragment mass distributions Fission decay chains and charge distribution Prompt neutrons in fission Delayed neutrons in fission Energy release in fission Fission theory Nuclear models and nuclear fission Fission chain reactions and their control Uses of fission reactors and fission products.

Written By: Ellis P. See Article History. Alternative Titles: atomic fission, induced fission. Other isotopes that can be induced to fission like this are plutonium , uranium, and thorium However, currently there is not a method that allows us to access the power that fusion could produce. Please help us raise funds to update and increase the number of pages.

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Fossil Fuels. Nuclear Fuels. Acid Rain. Climate Change.

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Climate Feedback. Ocean Acidification. Rising Sea Level.

Nuclear fission Figure 1. A model of a fission reaction of uranium July 9, Nuclear Fission [Online]. July 23, Fission and Fusion [Online]. Binding Energy [Online].