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This vision is not to be interpreted carnally; it is not about future historical happenings, such as a world-wide physical famine, a physical year reign, physical wars, etc.

Brian Simmons presents "Intro to the Book of Revelation: The Unveiling"

God wants us to know who Christ is in us, and the work He is doing in us, so that He can shine forth through us in all His glory! Since He is spirit, He is hidden from our physical eyes. In order for Him to become visible to us, we need to see Him spiritually.

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Just as the Christ was hidden in the physical Jesus, so He is now hidden in those who have been born again. Lincoln said in an interview from her Maryland home.

REVELATION STUDY - Unveiling Future - Part - 2 - John p Thomas & John Sebastian

The President was only interested in having the recordings to help him write his memoirs, she said. In the material made public today, Kennedy and his top aides show mounting concern, frustration and then anger over their conflict with Gov. Ross Barnett of Mississippi in gaining the admission of James H. Meredith, a black, to the University of Mississippi. The tapes reveal flashes of Presidential humor in the integration crisis in September and October , salted with occasional profanity that the Kennedy Library archivists did not delete.

For example, in a recording made on the evening of Sept. Meredith onto the campus of the university and a large crowd of angry whites had gathered, Kennedy repeatedly inquired why two battalions of Army military police were taking so long to arrive.

They had earlier been sent to Memphis, less than miles from the university in Oxford, Miss. Creighton W. Abrams Jr.

But as the crowd began hurling bottles and shooting at the marshals and hours passed, Kennedy complained: ''I wonder if it takes this long to get everybody ready? Robert F. They can't even tell if the M. Kennedy,'' General Abrams replied. The soldiers, who were supposed to fly by helicopter, did not arrive in Oxford until dawn the next morning after two people had been killed and several hundred marshals injured. The President was so angry about the situation that he even discussed with Solicitor General Archibald Cox the possibility of arresting Governor Barnett and Gen.

Edwin A. Walker, a recently retired officer who had commanded the Federal troops when the schools in Little Rock, Ark.

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When the President heard by phone from an aide at the university that General Walker was urging the crowd to violence, he cursed the general. I started to see my body change. I started to see my circumstances change. I started to see my marriage change. You have to take the principles within and make them yours.


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The first revelation I ever received — Drumroll, please! I was searching within their revelation for my own healing, which is what I desperately needed at the time. I had people I knew who were anointed with the gift of healing pray for me, hoping that they would have the revelation needed to get me healed. In the end, that pursuit was a big waste of time. Before you can start receiving revelation, you need to know what it is and where it comes from. The Old Testament prophets prophesied about this revelation knowledge that we, as New Testament believers, would walk in one day.

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Isaiah says, All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children. I love how it says that revelation knowledge will bring peace. It is so true. It takes all responsibility off of you to seek after the deeper things of God, the wisdom of God. And how does He reveal His wisdom to you?